The Tsai Laboratory is affiliated with the following institutions:

The Picower Institute is a community of scientists dedicated to understanding the mechanisms that drive learning and memory and related functions such as cognition, emotion, perception, and consciousness. Institute researchers explore the brain at multiple scales, from genes and molecules, to cells and synapses, to circuits and systems, producing novel insights into how disruptions in these mechanisms can lead to developmental, psychiatric, or neurodegenerative disease. Learn more.

The Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard was launched in 2004 to improve human health by using genomics to advance our understanding of the biology and treatment of human disease, and to help lay the groundwork for a new generation of therapies. Learn more.

The mission of the MIT Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences is to reverse engineer the human mind. To do that we delve deeply into the mechanisms of the brain at all levels — from molecules to synapses to neurons to circuits to algorithms to human behavior and cognition, we build links between those levels, and we train the next generation of scientific leaders. Our headquarters, Building 46, is home to the collaborative, interdisciplinary spirit that inspired our beginnings in 1964 and still guides us today. Learn more.

The MIT community is driven by a shared purpose: to make a better world through education, research, and innovation. We are fun and quirky, elite but not elitist, inventive and artistic, obsessed with numbers, and welcoming to talented people regardless of where they come from. Learn more.